FAY security procedures

To offer a safe environment for everyone, Fayetteville Regional airport is working together with the Transportation Security Administration. TSA officers are in charge of the proper screening process of both passengers and their luggage, and they operate two security checkpoints. The first checkpoint is situated on the first floor right next to the airline ticket counters. All passengers are obligated to pass through the security checkpoint following the terms. Every customer is screened through advanced imaging technology and special walk-through detectors. For passengers to enter the concourse area, they have to pass the second phase of the screening process, which is located on the second floor.

All the travelers are asked to consider that TSA operating hours are from 03:45 AM to 08:00 PM, but the law enforcement officers are present at the airport for 24 hours a day.

Arrival time

All the check-in and security procedures require time, especially during peak season it may take even longer than standard. TSA recommends all the passengers arrive at least 90 minutes or even two hours before their departure time.

ID requirements

Regarding passports and other identification documents, all passengers are obligated to follow TSA requirements. For all customers older than 18, acceptable ID is a valid government-issued identification document that should be presented at TSA security checkpoints. In case a customer does not have such a document, it is necessary to pass an identity verification process, which is also operated by TSA officers.

TSA does not require identification for children under 18, in case of traveling within the United States. Passengers are asked to contact their airline for further information.


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