Airport Services

Fayetteville Regional Airport is providing ATM services to its customers. In case of needing luggage assistance, there are also baggage carts that are available throughout the airport to make passengers' experience more convenient and less troublesome.


Fayetteville Regional Airport offers customer Cot services. In case of massive flight cancellations, the airport has a supply of cots prepared for stranded travelers. If passengers are stranded due to unpredictable circumstances, for example, during a weather delay, they should contact an airport employee to find out when the cots are located. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide beds for travelers who just decide to spend the night at the airport. All the customers are also asked to consider that cots cannot be reserved in advance.

Lost & Found

Sometimes nothing can be more frustrating than losing your dear belongings. Fayetteville Regional Airport cares about the customer's travel experience and asks passengers to contact the relevant department in case of dropping an item. In case of losing an item at the airport terminal or parking lot, passengers should contact the administrative office of the airport. If the item was lost in a taxi or rental car, customers should contact accordingly, depending on the company. In a situation when an item was dropped at the airplane or ticket counter, passengers are asked to call American or Delta Airlines.


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